The other day, I heard a sound that sounded like music. It was a bird's song - a black-capped chickadee. The song consisted of four notes: A to G and G to F. First A to G for awhile, then G to F. The next day, the bird only sang A to G. The early morning was the only time I heard the song.

When I hear a sound, I think of what the sound represents; but I also think of what it might sound like reduced to the basics of rhythm, melody, and texture. To create "On And On," I recorded myself strumming a guitar for a long time. I converted the strumming audio to midi information (a collection of numbers that hold the basic pitch information along with duration and volume). The computer had to simplify the strumming, and in this simplification, left me with a melody ... a succession of number information that I used to trigger the pitches of an instrument much like a dulcimer. (John hudak, summer 2008)


John Hudak "On and on"

total time: 70.28

01 on and on - 70.28

format: cd

limited edition: 300 design: lorenzo senni photo: Cesare Fabbri release date: 1/8/08 catalog number: p!?001


Sold out.